2011 Avocamentum Galactica


This kinetic sculpture also known as “The Galaxy” has been enjoyed at many outdoor and indoor events since the early version shown here.  Spiral arms, feathered with illuminated fiber-optic tendrils, rotate slowly around a central star.  Gentle lighting effects play across the galactic fibers, including a wash of subtle color changes over time.  A dynamic, seemingly organic light show at contemplative speeds.

In the deep playa at night there are two separate sources of light – the eternal points of light in the sky and the temporary lights of our earthbound creation.  One of these temporary points of light captures the cosmos and represents it on a human scale.  This piece manifests our celestial birthplace; our galaxy, the Milky Way.  Welcome home.


Custom board design, lighting control software and friendship courtesy of Joshua Krueger. Technical info to be found by clicking here.