2013 Let’s Go Fly a Bike!


Bike Flying at Burning Man

Let’s Go Fly A Bike! made two successful trips to Burning Man in 2011 and 2013. Thank you to everyone that helped and everyone that braved the velocipede skies. Read on for more detailed info.

Are You Ready?

Remember the first time that you rode a bike, all scared shitless but REALLY wanting to get the hang of it? Do you remember the exhilaration when you first realized that Dad was no longer behind you holding on to the sissy bar and that you were really on your own? After that mastery, the only limitation was that you were relegated, for the most part, to contact with the earth. Want to rekindle that same scared shitless feeling, AND release yourself from the confines of rubber on the ground? This project lets you take off and view the world from above, granting you mastery of two-wheels and the air! Let’s Go Fly a Bike!

By day you would have received an exhilarating ride and a  great view, PLUS the opportunity to pay that back by helping folks with their ride. At night, you would have spun bodily through a sea of disorienting lights quickly losing your sense of just where in the Hell you are. Pretty neat, folks kept coming back to collect ALL the experiences.

However, to make this happen ain’t easy or cheap. We had a number of opportunities for folks to assist in making this crazy-assed, tom-foolishness happen and our heart-felt thanks goes out to all of you who contributed cash, muscle, time and/or effort to make this amazing fun thing come into existence and fly through the skies over the Playa.

Our on-Playa volunteer shifts were manned by a crack, random, all-volunteer crew of untrained professionals who were tasked with telling potential riders what to expect, getting them safely seated on the bike, cajoling them into helping the next rider and pulling/pushing the device around once they were in the air.

Once again, our thanks go out to all who contributed cash money to LGFaB. This cash infusion covered necessary improvements and the costs of getting this thing out to Burning Man and back again from Boston, Massachusetts, twice!

Now if you have read this far, you are most assuredly an intelligent human being of grace and poise with an appreciation of the finer things in life. Good on ya Mate! You’re probably even a little intrigued by the possibility of strapping this baby between your legs, holding on tight and going for a ride. Which leads to the question of just when and where such an opportunity could be provided to you. Alas, unless someone decides that they want to spend crazy amounts of money for a reprise, the days of this particular flying bicycle have come to an end, but its memory lives on in the photos and minds of innumerable friends and strangers who were lucky enough to sail off of the ground and up up and away into the clear blue sky.

In 2011 we were located in the inner Playa somewheres around 3:30 and halfway between the Man and the Esplanade as a placed art piece. In 2013 Let’s Go Fly a Bike was located across the Esplanade from Automatic Subconscious, the longest running Boston-based theme camp that is part of the Boston Hive Village and which was located at 8:30 & Esplanade.