Douglas Ruuska is a recovering Physicist who has brought ART to Burning Man for over a dozen years, ranging from an ET Offering Altar to the one and only Flying Bicycle. In between there have been Galaxies, rotating signs, 42-foot long Slides of the Bad Idea, the Cosmic Praise spark chamber tower in 2014, flaming, flying clown heads for the Charnival in 2015, Mechanica Musica in 2016 and numerous others. Every year he has been an integral part of the management of the Boston-based theme camp Automatic Subconscious. From the  humble, six-person Esplanade camp Glow Worm in 2000 to the Automatic Subconscious of today he has either lead the camp, run the construction crew or whipped the Early Crew mercilessly.

His work has shown in such diverse environments inhospitable to Art and Man as Antarctica, the Black Rock Desert and Boston. He brings his art to Regionals, Decoms, FIGMENT Boston, Open Studios and just about anywhere else that will have him. He was a major contributor to the musical pendulums for Bjork’s Biophilia Project.